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Bikes for Orphans in Afghanistan


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A Crowdfunding Campaign to Empower Orphans Via Bicycles

**Project Update, July 11, 2015: Alhamdulliah. We have hit our goal of $1,490.00 to purchase 10 bicycles. Because of the enthusiasm to the project, we are continuing the Crowdfunding campaign with a $2,500 goal to buy extra bicycles and create a reserve bicycle fund for future orphans who come into our orphanage.

The bicycle is a benign form of transportation, being noiseless and non-polluting and a requisite for a nostalgic childhood.
 To an orphan in Afghanistan, a bike is big deal. This Ramadan, we are rolling out a Crowdfunding campaign to provide ten bikes for orphans as an empowerment tool. Each brand-new bike will come complete with a helmet, horn, water bottle, lock, and a holder cage.

Bicycles: Dream Machines

In conceiving this bike campaign, we imagine a bright late summer day's afternoon at our small orphanage in Kabul. The boys of the orphanage wash up and sit at the dining table. They say their prayers, eat dinner, and rise from the table with love and brotherhood. Waiting at the door to the orphanage’s courtyard are ten new bicycles, stilled and at the ready to be mounted and shared amongst the 23 orphan brothers. Each bicycle's bright wheel spokes glitters in the sunlight. The orphans are well-mannered. Each defers to his brother to have the first ride. A lucky group of ten boys are settled upon. They hop on the bike saddles. The orphans tear around the courtyard and onto a nearby street. The younger orphans are mentored by the older orphans – and all ten bicycles, in turn, are ridden with gusto. With endorphins shooting from the tooling around and whirling, the orphans retire in for the night to work on their homework. The bicycles wait outside the orphanage for the next day because it is only through movement that a bicycle gets its soul.

Mobility = Access

An orphan more than anyone needs tools like a bicycle to reveal, reclaim, and rewrite their childhood on their terms. Most orphans in our care come from abusive pasts. Cycling shortens that distance on the journey to recovery. Simple, sustainable bicycle transportation also multiplies an individual's efficiency. This freshly minted bicycle gives these orphans a quicker ride away from their pasts. 

Keep the Momentum Going

Since establishing our orphanage in 2011, we have provided extracurricular activities to our orphans that include daily calisthenics, playground equipment, boxing, and field trips. We have watched their faces light up as they learned a new sport and experienced something novel. Now we hope to watch them as they learn to ride a bike for the first time and discover the joys of cycling.

Based on the success of funds raised, we hope to purchase ten of these bicycles:

  • 2014 Prado – $100.00/each
  • 2013 Feeto – $90.00/each
  • 2014 Chicago – $85.00/each

We also will provide the orphans with these bicycle accessories:

  • 10 helmets - $10.00/each for a total cost of $100.00
  • 10 handle-bar horns – $5.00/each for a total cost of $50.00
  • 10 bike locks – $10.00/each for a total cost of $100.00
  • 10 front-mounted carrying cages - $8.00/each fora total cost of $80.00
  • Miscellaneous bike items like extra water bottles, a bike pump, and tire patch kits – $50.00
  • 8 percent LaunchGood crowdfunding cost - $110.40

Please help us hit our target goal of $1,490.00. Please also make it a challenge this Ramadan to invite three family or friends to join this campaign so YOU can directly change an orphan's life. Its as easy as biking or hiking. 

How You Can Help

1. Personally invest in this Bike for Orphans effort by donating to this campaign today. This campaign closes on the last day of Ramadan, and the blessings for good deeds performed during Ramadan are multiplied 70 times. Donations to this campaign are Zakat eligible and tax exempt. 

2. Please make dua for the orphans in our care.

3. Share the campaign with your family and friends! Post this on your Facebook and like our page to follow our progress!Tweet all about this campaign! 

4. Join the Orphan House Foundation mailing list and receive updates about the orphanage.

About Orphan House Foundation

  • Orphan House Foundation is a San Francisco Bay Area-based educational nonprofit that supports 23 boys at its orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan. Each child is raised with a quality-over-quantity approach. The organization’s tagline is a “home where we raise orphans like our own.”
  • The quality orphan stewardship ethos has translated into recognition in 2013 by the European Union as “the best orphanage in Kabul.”
  • Each orphan is housed in a safe, clean home and receives private schooling, quality healthcare, physical education, extracurricular activities, and field trips.
  • Orphan House Foundation is run by volunteers so your contributions go directly and only to the proper care and feeding of orphans.

Your donation is 100 percent tax-deductible. 

Thank you for your support!


Dr. Kadeer Halimi
The Orphan House Foundation Team

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    Kadeer Halimi2 years ago

    Ramadan 2022 at Orphan House Foundation

    Salam Alaikum (greetings) Dear sponsors

    Ramadan Kareem...thank you for thinking of the orphaned kinds in the past.  The situation in Afghanistan is worse than last year and more than ever we need the help of mighty God and generous donors such as yourself. 

    Please support our current campaign on LaunchGood:

    Here is a success story:

    Farida who graduated at the top of her class from the prestigious girl's Afghan-Turk school in Kabul was able to win a scholarship to go to a University in Turkey. We were able to get her a visa and with the grace of God, she is now in Turkey staying at a girl's dormitory at the university. She is the first graduate of Orphan House Foundation and is a shinning star for us at Orphan House

    Kadeer Halimi3 years ago

    Thanks for your Past Support

    Hello everyone, this past year has been challenging with covid-19.  With the grace of God, we have been able to continue our programs at the orphanage, please visit our current campaign at:!/

    Thank you for your support in the past and future

    Kadeer Halimi5 years ago

    Help Orphan House WIN This Giving Tuesday

    Hello All....first and foremost, thank you for being a supporter of Orphan House Foundation.  We have started a new end of the year Launchgood campaign for the orphans.  If our campaign gets the most money and or the most number of donors Tuesday (12/3/2109), Launchgood will give us up to  $20,000.  Please donate, tell family, friends, and put it on your social media.   Click below for information.!/

    Kadeer Halimi5 years ago

    Iftar at the orphanage

    Salam Alaikum, Thank you for your kind donation, please keep the kids in your prayers and tell friends/family regarding our crowdfunding on Launchgood below.  We ask that you send the link to at least 10 of your contacts and ask them to do the same!/  

    Pictured below is an Iftar at the Orphanage 

    Kadeer Halimi5 years ago

    Thank you from Orphan House Foundation

    Hello and Ramadan Kareem, 
    Thank you for your past donations to Orphan House Foundation.  Please keep the kids in your prayers. We ask that you tell friends/family regarding our crowdfunding this Ramadan on Launchgood below.  We ask that you send the link to at least 10 of your contacts and ask them to do the same

    Dr. Kadeer M. Halimi
    Medical Director, and Section Chair
    Department of Emergency Medicine
    Washington Hospital, Fremont Ca

    Kadeer Halimi7 years ago

    Orphan House Foundation

    SA/Hello friends of Orphan House, we just launched our yearly fundraising campaign for this Ramadan.  Please keep the orphans in mind as you have in the past this Ramadan.  We request your prayers and generosity for the kids.

    Kadeer Halimi8 years ago

    Thank you from OHF

    SA everyone....Thank you for helping us raise money last year for our project for Kareem, Nemat and the Bike project.  We have launched a new campaign this year and hope to get your support.

    Please look at the link below, share with family and friends and help us raise our goal.  Post the link on your Facebook page please

    Dr. Kadeer M Halimi
    Emergency Medicine Attending
    Founder and President of Orphan House Foundation
    Kadeer Halimi9 years ago

    Bikes Delivered to Orphanage

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Thank you for your support this Ramadan. The first batch of bicycles have been delivered to the orphanage. Here are photos:

    Jazak'Allah Khair.

    Orphan House Foundation Staff

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