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A cutting-edge DVD workout series for all women, feel good inside and out!

Beyond Skin

In today's mainstream fitness videos, all you see is skin, skin, and more skin. Working out while staring at the body of a half-naked fitness professional only leads to unattainable and unhealthy goals. The Nadoona woman doesn’t need to show skin as a reason to have toned arms and a formidable six pack. Health and fitness is about how your body makes your feel, not fitting into the image promoted by photo touch ups and eating disorders.The best way to be strong is to feel strong, and that means taking care of your health, inside and out.  

Private, Safe & Holistic

To say Nadoona’s fitness philosophy makes it a pioneer in the industry is an understatement. Women, not just Muslim women, tend to use modesty as an excuse to neglect their bodies. Long sleeves and flowing tops shouldn’t mean flabby arms and love handles. And, a strenuous workout doesn’t require machines and a crowded gym full of spectators. Nadoona’s approach provides a private, safe and holistic solution to how women view their bodies and working out.

Nadoona Ridz

Nadoona’s instructor, Zainab Ismail, is a renowned movement therapist, personal trainer, nutrition coach, and national speaker with over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industries. She breaks down each exercise so the movements are executed with precision and the results are forthcoming. Her reputation as the ‘hijabi drill sergeant’ comes from her ability to motivate, a mix of educating and energizing her clients. Having converted to Islam four years ago, she knows firsthand how a grueling workout can be transformed into an enjoyable practice by believing in oneself and the body we’re all blessed to own.

“Patience and hard work truly pays off in the end. This project has been a blessing,” says Ismail about her experience working on the Nadoona workout.

Nadoona vid

Nadoona Extreme: Not Your Cookie-Cutter Workout Video

Today’s mainstream fitness programs are cookie-cutter videos that focus on just getting your body ready for a two-piece bikini. Nadoona doesn’t believe a healthy body should be limited to a seasonal trend. The Creator blessed all of us with our portion of fat and muscle. With a little effort, we can shape ourselves into having an exceptional body. Nadoona workouts rely on internal triggers such as prayer to push participants to the extreme, without breaking their drive. Every workout starts with worship, reinforcing a core understanding that a healthy body comes from a healthy soul, and vice versa.

Our bodies, like our minds, weren’t meant to rely on just one motion, so why do other workout videos bore us by repeating the same old movements? Nadoona Extreme is a 2-DVD fitness regimen designed to workout each muscle group in three distinct directions. Nadoona uses dynamic motion to stretch and strengthen muscles and raise endurance levels. The two level workouts provide multiple progress recommendations and simplifications.

Watch the Trailer!

Click here to get a sneak preview of the DVD! 




Help Us Cross the Finish Line!

Nadoona 2

We have finished taping the fitness videos and are excited about the Fall release – but we still need your help to get across the finish line! Now that we have the video footage, we need a way to get these DVDs into your hands and around the world. We are looking for finishing funds to cover:

  • Final post-production

  • Printing and duplication

  • Marketing and distribution

How You Can Help

1) Pledge your support with a LaunchGood donation! Incentives include our personal favorite, the Champion's Package: DVD + shirt + hijab set!

2) Share the trailer and the link to this LaunchGoood campaign with all your friends. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What You Get

We've worked hard to make Nadoona rewards a win-win: we get to finish producing our videos, and you get to get in shape!  


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